Vacation with My Family

Hours of 3 o’clock in the morning. I was awakened from sleep lelapku. I heard the faint sound of people knocking on the door from the outside. “As there are guests, who are you?”, I thought. then I came out of my room, walking with a still very sleepy faces toward the living room. I hear that voice again, this time with the greeting “Assalamualaikum …” increasingly hard. look into the voice and opened my door. surprised me, so I found the father, mother, sister, brother and a man had arrived at home (Kuningan – West Java). I’m very happy to meet them. I thought I was dreaming, but not, it’s reality. for first-time mothers, brothers and sisters to the brass. they seem very happy, so also with me, I also miss my family very much come from the Nganjuk City in East Java, very rarely I could hang out with my little family ever since wander into the Kuningan.

I saw their faces looked very tired after the long journey to be taken approximately 13 hours. “Oh God, mother finally arrived in Kuningan,” said mother. “Yes mom, Alhamdulillah”, I replied. We went back to sleep and rest. Because the sun has not awakened from rises on the eastern horizon.

Sunny morning, the sun began emitting its rays are most powerful to the surface of the earth. For all creatures on earth, our beloved. I woke up from sleep lelapku. mother and younger sister named Aisyah was also awakened. “Good morning, bright morning huh?”, I said to them. “Good morning, also my daughter?”, Said the mother. I immediately headed wudlu toilet to get water, I nearly lost time due shubuh oversleep. Alhamdulillah …

I see the calendar posted near the kitchen door. I almost forgot that today the school holidays. Today is national holiday dates in red. “Hmm, it’s time for refreshing breaks, eliminating the sense of saturated and tired. Coincidence there are also people who I love with me now. My heart very happy. Seemed very and very happy. Fair if a child away from her parents feel very happy when moment-moment worth it to come “. So also the case with me and my family.

Time to show 10th o’clock in the morning. After breakfast, budhe took us to Cigugur. We try relaxation therapy by fish, very amused at all when the tiny fish eat the dead skin cells in areas of the foot. Much to laugh, scream, cry, and even smiled to herself as the tiny fish approached. Among small fish, some fish native inhabitants of these ponds and springs are considered sacred because the breeding process requires a relatively long time. Fish is often called the Fish God (Kancra Bodas). While the small fish in the pond for treatment is the result of cultivation from the city government brass. We also take a picture together in Cigugur attractions.

The next day, after school, our family went to the tourist place Cibulan and Linggarjati Manuscript (Place a very historic moment in 1945 after Indonesian independence ago, precisely in 1946, 1947 and 1948 agreements Linggarjati implemented). Along the way, we were treated to the weather was overcast and drizzle. Although it does not discourage our intention to vacation together. My brother named Dafidz also very pleased invited to vacation in the Kuningan.

Three days have passed. Time for father, mother, my sister and my brother must return to their activities. And I also have to learn to be independent. Joy and sorrow, bitterness and sweetness of feeling a child away from parents who are with me. I have to be patient and tough. “Rani calm. Prove that you definitely can handle it all. Prayer mother, father, grandmother always be with my daughter. Take care of yourself. Do not forget to pray and pray to God my daughter.” said the father and mother.

Afternoon I took my father, mother, my sisters and my brothers to the train station in Cirebon.We went to the train station by car. Heavy rains flushed all the way. But not travel to the City Nganjuk not be delayed because the train schedule is also timely. When it has arrived at the train station in Cirebon, I said goodbye, kissing hands and hug my family. not feel the tears dripping. “Carefully and hopefully survive until the goal. InsyaAllah later vacation, I will be coming back to town Nganjuk”, I said.


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